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Why your Hampshire Company needs to start thinking about web design

So you have a business, and you have a website – but do you realise that your website’s design is the first impression that potential customers get of your business. Your businesses website is the modern day equivalent of a shop front and often dictates how visitors think of your company.

In the online market place, competition is high, and customers are given a huge choice of companies rivalling to get people spend their money with them – therefore it is of vital importance that your online profile communicates that you a professional company that is trustworthy for them to use to solve their needs.

What can a top web design company in Portsmouth, Hampshire provide?

If you have had a website that was developed over a few years ago, then it is very likely that your website is not “mobile responsive”. Websites that were built just a few years ago didn’t have to consider users viewing the website from smart phones and tablets. Due to this, most websites often don’t display well on mobile devices.

This previously has not been an issue, as the number of mobile users was low – however, the number of users browsing the web with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is poised to over-take traditional desktop browsers.

This means that if your website is not mobile responsive, then it is likely that your businesses will be missing out on profitable traffic because viewers cannot view your website on their mobile devices. Websites that are mobile responsive can be expensive, but if you decide to get in touch with WebMotion media, all of our websites are mobile responsive as standard, meaning you can get a new top of the line website (with web design that is fully mobile and tablet responsive) from under £450.

What is involved to get my my business a top website?

Are you concerned that because you have had a website developed in the past, and it was both time consuming and costly that you must be prepared for much of the same?

Wrong … working with WebMotion Media, we will provide you a stunning website with all the bells and whistles in the faction of time and cost that you would normally expect. We can provide websites in under 3 weeks, with minimal input from yourself – we develop the sites online so that you can check on our progress as your site develops, just to be sure that everything that we are doing is exactly to your liking. With our web design Portsmouth, we can take your business to the next level online.

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