SEO Tactics For Your Small hampshire based business

As small business owners and digital marketers, we are always refining our craft by improving our search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing organic searches. When you take into consideration the rising expense of paid search and how competitive it is, it makes sense why you want to do the job yourself. You never want to pay Google for each click, so improving your organic searches and driving traffic is the right move.

Rarely are tactics for SEO in black and white, we all need Google, and the other search engines on the market when it comes to gaining search results and helping propel your small business. However, doing this is actually quite easy or at least easier than you think. You may not even need an hampshire seo consultant. You are probably wondering what are the strategies you need to work on immediately.

How to win with online search for Portsmouth and hampshire and UK based startup company? Begin with the framework of your website and create a mobile-friendly platform. Being mobile-friendly means the website is responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. When a website is responsive, it will adjust to fit any device the viewer is using, from the largest of desktop screens to the smallest of tablets or mobile phones. After Google launched “mobilegeddon” in 2015, having a mobile-optimized website is even more important. The Mobilegeddon algorithm will move websites down in organic rankings if the mobile experience is not great for the user.

You also need to create good content. Due to Google’s updates and algorithms, your organic rankings are primarily driven by having high quality content, whether it is blogs, case studies, white papers, or articles, which can be seen in this infographic. It is important that you have informative content to help educate your audience. The more informative and relevant content you can add to your site, the better your results. Most important is quality over quantity. It is better to have less content that is useful and impactful than many pieces of poorly written, irrelevant content.

You also need to focus on local searches. First and foremost, work on your Google My Business profile (or Google+ profile). Ensure you have the correct contact information and that it is verified by Google. You can have your business verified either via a phone call or postcard. Verification will allow your business to show up in local search results and on maps. When your business location is known by Google and other search engines it can drastically improve local searches.

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