Animated Whiteboard Videos to tell your story

Every now and then, a new concept in marketing appears that manages to outperform all other types of marketing formats. Often the organisations that are quick to react and take advantage are the ones that grow and succeed. This has happened, and it is the concept of whiteboard animation videos.
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Why choose a whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animated videos are an engaging format which can communicate your story, efficiently and creatively. If you have had an online presence over the last few years you will have no doubt noticed the trend of video marketing. It is now safe to say that the trend has now changed from higher end “Pixar style” animation, into the popularity of simple sketches and written words on the screen.

Whiteboard style animations have been shown to be 800% more engaging than just simple text on a website, and 4 time more effective than a real person filmed talking on screen. This method of telling your story is so engaging that it makes it hard to stop watching you video. It grabs the viewers attention, keeping then entertained with simple hand drawn illustrations on the screen, whilst delivering your targeted message to the viewer – who is then encouraged to take action and share

Reasons to Get A Whiteboard Animation Video For Your Business

If you are looking for a reason to get a whiteboard animation video created for your business, look no further! Whiteboard animation videos have proved to be effective in bringing results to businesses and increasing their conversion time and time again. But why is that? What is it that makes whiteboard animation videos so effective in helping business increase their sales and bring in new customers? 
Here are just some of a few of the most common reasons why more and more businesses are opting to get a whiteboard animation video made to appeal to potential clients and customers:
Video is more engaging than text alone
This is something that most business owners are aware of, but rarely utilize in the creation of their websites. In a world where getting copy written is one of the primary concerns of business owners during the creation of their website, the question, “Should I consider getting a whiteboard animation video made?” is one that never even gets the opportunity to be asked. This shouldn’t be the case, though! The pairing of text and visuals that videos create is more likely to be understood and remembered—not to mention that they are more likely to keep the attention of visitors to your website in a way that text alone simply doesn’t.
Videos are easily shared
If you get a good video made for your business explaining what your business is all about and what you have to offer to prospective clients and potential customers, then you are likely to be remembered. Even more than that, in this age of endless information and social media, videos are easier to share than they ever have been before. This means that your clients can share your message with their friends and family members whom they feel might also be benefitted by your message with a simple copy and paste of a link. If your video is engaging and informative enough, it just might get passed around more than you imagine, bringing in even more hits to your website and possible new sales.
Whiteboard animation videos are of the best quality
With so much attention being placed on the content of websites in today’s day and age, it is more important than ever to ensure that your content is making an impression on visitors to your website. Now, it’s about quality and not quantity. Whiteboard animation videos walk your clients through your message or step-by-step process to get your information across to them in a way that they are able to understand, remember, and easily share with friends while still being entertained. They will value that a lot more than a huge chunk of text on your webpage.

Animation Videos from only £395

If you have any questions about whiteboard animated video, just get in touch with our UK company. We offer all new clients an initial phone consultation on their online marketing presence, and how animation videos can catapult your business to success.

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