What is seo? The Definition and need for portsmouth consultants

For one to be successful in the web publishing industry, they need to ensure their site can be found easily. They also need to ensure that every page inside their website is visible to search engines. However, the problem is, one doesn’t just set up a website online and assume it will receive enough visitors to turn it into an online money-making portal. They have to fine-tune it so that search engines can easily pick and rank its content. That’s where a portsmouth SEO consultant comes in.

So, what is SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing a site and all its pages so as to enhance its visibility on search engines. The content of the site in question should show up under organic results whenever a user searches for specific terms related to what the site is all about. In general, the more a site appears on top of Google results, the more visitors it receives, and this means more money for you.

SEO may also focus on different aspects of search, which includes image search, video search, local search, academic search among other searches. SEO or search engine optimization puts into account the working behind search engines, what users search for, the actual search terms users type when searching the web, plus many other things.

There are two aspects of SEO. These include: (a) On-page SEO (b) Off-page SEO

On page SEO mainly focuses on editing the HTML section of the site as well as content so it can rank for relevant keywords while also aiming at better indexing. Basically, anything that a webmaster does within their site’s structure to boost search engine visibility is known as on-page SEO.

But on the other hand, off-page SEO is the process where one promotes their site so it can gain useful inbound links, backlinks, and even visitors. Basically, without back-linking, there would be no off-page SEO. The changes that have taken place with the SEO landscape in portsmouth.

Over the years, search engine optimization has evolved tremendously. What used to work in 2005 no longer works today. This is mainly attributed to the fact that search engines are aiming to serve users with quality and relevant results. Consequently, search engines like Google are taking into account all the aspects of SEO while at the same time, dumping those that are no longer useful. For instance, towards the beginning of 2009, we saw mobile-responsive sites coming up. Mobile responsiveness meant that sites could fit into all screen sizes no matter what one was using to surf the web.

In the beginning of 2015, Google announced that they would put more weight on sites that were mobile-responsive compared to those that were not. According to a Moz article entitled ”9 things you need to know concerning “Google’s mobile-friendly update”, it was reported that the mega search engine was on its way to making a huge restructure on its algorithm, so they could accommodate mobile-friendly sites and demote those that were not mobile-friendly.

Ideally, the question of what does exactly does an seo consultant in portsmouth do has no one straight answer. That’s because what SEO used to be a decade ago is not what it is today. In fact, long time ago, exchanging links to update your off-page SEO would earn you more traffic. Today, you’d receive the dreaded manual penalty notice from Google if caught doing this.


The only true definition that will hold true to what is SEO is the fact that search engine optimization opts to rank your site so it can receive more visitors. It aims at indexing your site for the same purpose. That is the heart and soul of search engine optimization today.

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