Got website problems?

If your website is not serviced and maintained, issues will occur.

So, what are your options?

1. Employ a web designer in-house

This is a good option, but how much does it cost to employ someone full-time? And what would the skill level of the person you could afford to employ?

2. Learn web design yourself

How long would it take you to learn enough web coding to be capable of this? How many times will you damage your website whilst learning?

3. Pay a maintainance company

This is the safest option, but again how often do you actually need their services? But you still have to pay a high monthly cost “just in case” you have any issues.

4. Use WebMotion affordable tech support.

We charge a flat rate of £35 per month to sign up and get access to our tech support.
We will then charge on an hourly basis for any support required. Often there are several months that you don’t need support, then one month you need lots – this is the best solution.
You can have the peace of mind knowing that we are here for when you need us. And you pay a very low month price for this.
In addition we offer full site backup solutions which we strongly recommend to our clients.
With this option, we will carry out a full backup of your website every two weeks. We then transfer this to our secure cloud storage.

** Have Complete Peace of Mind from £35 Per Month **

We have a range of pricing options to ensure our services remain affordable for our tech support members.


Per hour
Carry out site updates
Add New content
Updating your images


Per Month
100% peace of mind
Allows full site recovery
Prevents potential loss of data


Per hour
Ensuring your site Security
Preventing risk of Hacking
Ensure your site stays functionality

I need assistance and have not signed up to WebMotion Support?

Not a problem! We can help out even if you are not one of our tech support clients. We do however charge close to double the stated hourly rates for our members.
£60 per hour for Website Support
£90 per month for Website Backup
£70 per hour for Website Maintaince
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