Thinking why video?

Simply put, people are lazy when browsing the web and would rather watch a video than reading text on a website. Websites with video have been proved to increase the amount of time visitors spent on a website, increase sales/conversions, and improve your websites ranking in Google, the list goes on ….
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Many benefits of video

Differentiate your business

and stand out from your competitors

Tell your story

in a friendly engaging format

Share your story

easily on your website

as google love videos

by engaging with your video

Perfect to explain something

that would be difficult to grasp by text

Increases sales

and far higher conversions

Improve Google rankings

as google love videos

Perfect for social media

facebook, youtube, linkedin

Why animation video?

Video has long been known to be exceptionally good at converting visitors and communicating your brand. However, traditional video production is very expensive and time consuming. Animation videos can be produced quickly with minimal headaches to yourself, and provide a far superior video.
If you are looking for a corporate educational or training video, then you need to think about using animation to provide an engaging targeted video. Animation videos are different to traditional video production, they feel fresh, modern and are very trendy right now, many huge companies are using animation as their choice of video such as Google, Youtube, Amazon, Verizon, Facebook…. why not join them?
We have a robust process that makes creating effective and engaging videos for our clients. Click the button below to find out.
Our Process

Any questions?

If you have any questions about websites, just get in touch. We offer all new clients an initial phone consultation on their online marketing presence, and how a new website can catapult your business to success.
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