“You can have the best products and website, but the real question is – will anyone see them?

What is PPC?

PPC is the form of internet marketing where you pay Google (or other platforms such as Facebook & Linkedin) to drive relevant visitors to your website. It uses a system that allows competitors to “bid” on the price they are willing to pay for each new visitor to your website. Dependant on the amount you have bid, and a few other “factors” your website can appear number 1 in Google searches overnight!

We are experts in all of these “factors”, and can ensure that you pay the best price per visitor.

Benefits of PPC

The beauty of PPC, is that when you have a professional managing your campaign – you can literally “turn on” a flow of potential customers to your website overnight.

This allows you to promote specific offers or products you may have, or even if you are in desperate need of some new customers quickly – this is the option!

We Can Help

We are highly experienced PPC consultants
We take care of all your web marketing needs
We offer free site audits to all
No contracts
Prices to suit your budget

£50 Free PPC Credit

***** DOWNLOAD YOUR £50 VOUCHER ******
For all businesses that are interested in PPC marketing, we are offering (on a limited basis) £50 of free PPC marketing for all.

There is absolutely no commitment to continue after the £50 has been used, this is a totally risk free offer. Our expectation is that by offering this for your business, we will be able to get you a new client, and prove the benefits to working with WebMotion.
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