3 Reasons You Need an SEO Consultant

Are you lost on SEO and don’t really know where to start?
Here are some reasons to consider reaching out to an SEO consultant for help.
There’s a reason why 66% of marketers say SEO will play a big role in their future inbound marketing projects. It’s an effective tool for generating hot new leads and boosting revenue.
The ROI alone makes it worthy of any business’s attention. However, if you’re ignoring search engine optimization for whatever reasons, it’s time to stop.
Without […]

seo or ppc

SEO and PPC – Two Sides to the Same Coin

I love when I come across things that are equal, but opposite. A video went viral recently showing a series of words that are their own antonym (e.g. an oversight happens when you lack oversight. If someone left a place, they aren’t left in that place.). Then of course there is chirality, whereby particles that exhibit left handedness or right handedness and are mirror images of each other (learned about that watching Breaking Bad). I’ve always referred to SEO […]


5 Tips to Improve Your Organic Search Traffic

When it comes to improving SEO, understanding organic search traffic is key. Here are some tips to help you improve it in a matter of no time.
In need of some more clicks?
Getting eyes on your website can be tricky for those who don’t know much about search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most important elements of any SEO campaign is boosting organic search numbers.
Organic searches are what they sound like: searches that people plug into engines like Google […]