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Video is a fast emerging form of marketing that is poised to outperform all other forms of media. Many businesses and organisations are choosing to display a video on their website to explain a service or product that they offer. The benefits of using video on a website or for a face to face presentations are vast, and allow the companies using them to have the competitive edge. We started offering some of the best web design in Portsmouth, now we are offering with affordable explainer videos UK, don’t be left behind.
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When people look for information, we are wired for live activity – but when we browse the web and go to a website to find a product or service, often we encounter nothing but a few images and lots of text. If you were given the choice to read about a service, or watch an engaging explainer video, which would you choose.

If you are a business or organisation with a website, then an video explaining why your company can help turn visitors into buyers. It can help communicate why your company is the best to solve their needs, and ensure your business stands out from your competitors. When explainer videos are produced (often in the UK or US) well, then they are the most effective way to engage and influence viewers. This simple video medium allows the format to be effective at connecting with people and can help explain a complicated idea or process to your audience.

Reasons To Get an Explainer Video For Your Business

An explainer video is a video that explains what your business does, what it has to offer to potential customers and prospective clients, and how it can help to make their lives easier or better. These videos are most commonly found on the website of the business that they are explaining about.
If you are wondering how an explainer video could help your business, or what it could to do help improve the quality of your website, then here are just a few of the most common reasons than an explainer video for your business, such as the ones we make for businesses here at WebMotion, is a sound investment for you to make.
They attract attention from your potential customers and clients
If a potential customer or client is browsing your website, they might not to read paragraph upon paragraph of text. If they see a video they can watch instead, however, they are extremely likely to remain on your website to watch that video instead of returning to their search for a company to work with. Videos are interesting, engaging and entertaining, and all of these things help them in attracting the attention of visitors to your website.
They bring new traffic to your website
Because videos are so easily share in today’s current age of technology, if someone enjoys your video, it is extremely easy for them to send the link to their friends and family so they can watch it too. This helps to bring new traffic to your website if people click the link that your customers shared with them. If they like the video and what your service has to offer as well, then this will lead to even more sales for your business.
They are easy to understand
The combination of text and visual aids that explainer videos provide to viewers make them extremely easy to understand. This is because what is being explained to them through the text is also actually being shown to them. Not only does this increase comprehension of your message and understanding of your business, but the visual component of the video also makes your message more memorable. That means that when the viewer thinks back to all the companies they researched, the one with the video is most likely going to be the one they remember best—and ultimately choose to purchase from, as well.
They keep viewers engaged in a way that text simply can’t
If your website is largely dominated by text, then this makes it extremely difficult for visitors to your website to remain focused on what you have to say. It can be difficult to read through all of that text without zoning out, but an explainer video is the perfect solution to this problem. It keeps viewers engaged in the text so they actually process the message that you are trying to deliver to them. Boring text on your website might drive away a lot of potential customers, but a video is interesting and creative enough that most users will want to stick around long enough to see what you have to say.

UK explainer video production from £395

Our explainer video UK studio can produce your organisation an effective and engaging video to help tell your story, and grow your business. If you have any questions regarding the video production process, then simply get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help.

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