Days out in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Rife with history, culture, and attractions, there are always many things to do in Portsmouth, Hampshire. A small town with big personality on the southern coast of England, visitors are consistently surprised by the rich culture of the town and the attractions that are available for everyone to learn more about and appreciate the heritage of Portsmouth. From music festivals to theatre, to some of the best museums in the UK, there are more than enough things to do in Portsmouth, Hampshire that no one on a family vacation will get bored.


Portsmouth has some amazing museums that help to illustrate the interesting history of the town. One of the museums that stands out the most is the D-Day Museum. With free admission, this museum aims to memorialize and educate visitors about the D-Day Landings during World War II. The museum features an 83-metre-long embroidery to memorialize those who were lost and injured during the landings, as well as an acclaimed film about the D-Day landings. The museum uses this pivotal day in World War II as a launching off point for the examination of war and alliance. Another fascinating museum located in Portsmouth is the Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum. The modest house, in which the famous writer Charles Dickens was born, was converted into a museum full of artefacts and displays about the life and death of the writer who is known for works such as A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities. The museum includes tokens from his life, and the couch where Charles Dickens died.


If museums aren’t your cup of tea, that’s no big deal, because there are still plenty of things to do in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Portsmouth has some really thrilling and interesting attractions. One of these attractions is the Spinnaker Tower. This architectural feat boasts some of the best coastal views in the UK. Spinnaker Tower has lounging chairs for those who wish to sit back and enjoy the view, guided tours for those who wish to learn more about the building, and even a glass walkover floor for thrill seekers. It is a great place to spend a day with friends or family. Other great attractions in Portsmouth include the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and the Southsea Castle. These sites have amazing views and fascinating histories.


There are many things to do in Portsmouth, Hampshire. For every member of the family, there is something fun and fascinating to do in this coastal town. From unique museums to tourist attractions, there is something for everyone to get behind in Portsmouth. When paired with the beautiful views that the city provides, it’s easy to understand why so many people have made Portsmouth their chosen vacation spot. Hampshire attractions are always their best and the easiest for visitors to find when they have the best SEO content to bring in new visitors. At WebMotion Media, we aim to make Hampshire businesses the best we can by providing them with quality SEO solutions.

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