October 04 2021

More views for your video

Have you recently had a video produced?

Were you wishing for a few more people to view your video and learn about your business and brand?

Then Youtube SEO is the answer.

If you have ever carried out SEO work before, you will know that it is very timeconsuming, unpredictable, and costly – all whilst running the risk of having your site being hit with a Google update, and your hard-earned rankings plumetting.

Video SEO can offer everything that traditional SEO cannot. It is totally risk-free to your website, as your video will be hosted on Youtube, there is no risk of any Google penalty to your website.

Not only this, but it can take months of work to get your website to appear for even low competition searches – but with video SEO, we can have your video ranking on the first page of Google within days.

There is no risk, the costs are low, and the time taken is days or weeks as opposed to months.

We can get your new beautiful video to appear on the first page of Google for search terms that are relevant to your industry, and allow you to capture potential clients and customers to watch your video.

Think about what you would click on, if you had searched for “London plumbers”, and there were 9 text results appearing, and only one video.

Almost everyone would rather watch a video then read a text document.

This loop hole in Google will not last forever, so those who act now will get the best results. Act now and make the most of this little know loophole.

Just send us a message and we can discuss the best way to promote your video cheaply and quickly.

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