November 01 2020

Attracting a YouTube Audience: Important Demographics to Follow

YouTube's audience is massive. The social media platform hosts 1.8 billion users a month and even considered the second largest search engine. If you're not leveraging YouTube in your business, you're quite possibly leaving money on the table.

But does the YouTube audience reach your brand? Is it worth it to invest time managing a YouTube account for your business?

Read on to find out some information on the demographics of YouTube.

YouTube Goals

With numerous reasons to use YouTube to market your business, there are some questions and goals to consider before you consider demographics.

Who is your target audience? Are you selling, promoting, or trying to gain traffic and exposure? What service are you providing for them and is it a smart strategy to utilize YouTube for the particular purpose you are considering.

While you're building your brand, take into account what your audience is saying about you. Sometimes you may have a vision of what you want your business to convey, when in fact, your audience sees it different. This is essential when connecting with your YouTube audience.

If you find YouTube is a beneficial asset to your business, work with the YouTube creators to help craft your target market to reach more viewers.

YouTube Demographics


The categories that viewed most by females are:

  • makeup and cosmetics
  • skin and nail care
  • losing weight
  • Pop and East Asian Music
  • Dogs

Beauty and fashion are the most popular categories among females, accounting for 582 million viewers. The largest demographic in this category were ages 18-24 making up about 35% of the viewership, with 13-17 year-olds, 24-35 year-olds tieing at 15%


Males dominate the YouTube market. They spend on average 44% more time on YouTube than women.

For males, the categories that are viewed most by males are:

  • Video games (driving, racing, role-playing, multiplayer, etc.)
  • sports
  • bodybuilding

The majority of time spent on YouTube for men is gaming, as the video game category is broken into many different branches.


The average age of the YouTube viewer is the millennials, people between the ages of 18-34. YouTube is the social media platform of choice for millennials and they spend an average of 10 hours on the site.

Millennials chose YouTube over other favorite sites like Facebook, ESPN, and even local television.

Older Demographic

Since youtube is ten years old, it can now reach a broader demographic, including folks who are older than 34.

While millennials' focus is mainly on comedy, lifestyle, gaming, and even how-to videos, the older generation will tune in for news, education, and also how-to videos.

The olds will spend on average nearly 4 hours on YouTube, a much lower number compared to millennials.

This youtube audience makes up the lower 5% of the demographic, however, this percentage is climbing steadily.

Pet Demographic

Surprisingly, pet videos unite the YouTube audience. Videos showcasing animals and pets are attractive to male and females alike, with millennial males making up 30% of the viewership, and female millennials making up 24% of the category.

Ready to Discover Your YouTube Audience?

Understanding the details and demographics of your YouTube audience is essential to growing your business well. If you need advice on how to contact a Youtuber, read here.

Plan out your goals for your business and see how the demographics fall when considering your target market.

Visit us today for more information on social media management.

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