November 29 2020

Writing for Social Media: How to Write Better Social Media Posts

There are 3.2 billion social media users in the world right now. That makes social media a critical component for your business' success.

Writing for social media, however, is different than the type of writing you would ordinarily do for standard ads or your website. If you're not writing effectively, then you're missing out on tons of income for your business.

These four tips will help you write better social media posts and increase the success of your business!

Create an Identity

Before you start writing your post or developing an ad campaign, sit down and think about how you would like your brand or company to be perceived by your target audience. Do you want to be seen as humorous? Socially conscious?

Pick an identity that you think represents your brand or company and make sure to incorporate that identity in some form into every single social media post across all different platforms.

Match Platform to Content and Watch Your Post Length

Each social media platform has a different spin on content, be sure to know how each one works so you can tailor your content to it. Length of your post is key, shorter is better than longer because it requires less attention. You need to pay attention to current trends in social media advertising, this industry moves quick!

Facebook is the top social media platform with over 2.2 billion users in the world. Facebook is good for posts with both text and images, and also allows businesses to purchase sponsored ads to increase user engagement. It has a maximum character count of 5,000, but the optimum character count is 111.

Instagram is image based, but it has an optimum character count of 241. Use both together for an effective post.

Snapchat should have a focus on the image, and text should be minimal.

Be knowledgeable about social media statistics and use them to your advantage when crafting your content.

Use Hashtags (Wisely)

Hashtags are an extremely useful way to connect other users to your content.

That does not mean you should put a hashtag on every word in your post. Pick a key phrase for your campaign and consistently use that as your hashtag. For example, if you're selling a green drink, try something like #buygreendrinks or #greendrinksforlife.

Be aware of where hashtags work best. Hashtags are not nearly as effective on Facebook as they are on Twitter and Instagram. In fact, you shouldn't use hashtags on Facebook. Be more liberal on Instagram -- use 5 to 11 strategically chosen hashtags to generate more engagement.

Engage Users

Go beyond views. Ask open-ended questions that make users think and comment on your posts.

This means users aren't just scrolling past your post, but are spending more time with them and interacting with them. This means they'll have a better recollection of your post and your business.

Check Out Our Blog for More Tips on Writing for Social Media!

Writing for social media is not a mysterious process, but it does require a carefully crafted strategy. If you follow these five tips, you'll see more user engagement.

Now that you know how to write better social media posts, get out there and get writing! Check out our site for more information to help you use social media to your advantage.

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