February 14 2018

How to Use Instagram Live to Promote Your Business

When it comes to Instagram, most businesses focus on the pictures and captions. However, instagram live can be a great marketing tool. Here's how to use it.

In 2017, on average worldwide internet users were browsing through social media for 135 minutes each day!

Now that's a lot of time. Why not use that platform to really promote your business?

Social media is constantly evolving and improving.

The latest is Instagram live video. Is it worth utilizing this new trend for your business?

Yes, it is. Read on to find out why. Otherwise you may just need a social media agency in London  like SocialMotion Media!

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram live is a new method of sharing video. But this time it can't be edited or changed in any way, it is raw live footage.

Its shared through your "story" but the difference to your regular stories (which can stay up to 24 hours) is anything you post will only be available live, once it's over, the video and any comments will disappear!

How to Use it

On the home screen in Instagram, swipe right and tap "Start Live Video".

Your followers will all receive a notification. On your Instagram profile, under your profile photo, a "live" icon will appear.

While you are recording you will be able to see how many are viewing the video. There is a comments section where you and any watchers can comment and "like" the video.

What are the Benefits?

Transparency is a huge benefit. Knowing that you're a human-run business with nothing to hide is great for gaining trust with your followers.

Unlike the usually posted videos on Instagram, which are only a minute long maximum, a live video can be up to one hour!

Because your video will only be available live, your followers will make more of an effort to watch, instead of thinking they can watch it later.

Instagram Live For Your Business

Firstly, its all about communication. You must tell your followers beforehand about your planned live video.

Get them hooked and build anticipation by telling them you'll be revealing a special offer or promotion of some kind, only available to those watching live.

Because once it's gone, it's gone!

Free Demos and Tutorials

You could demonstrate or give a tutorial (for free) of one of your products being used or tested.

For example a makeup tutorial, showcasing your products and how to use them. Or a "how to" guide for an internet-based service.

Behind the Scenes

Give them a live preview of your services. Or show them what it is really like behind the filtered photos in your feed.

If you want to promote your salon, go live and show what is like to have your hair cut and styled there.

Or a restaurant, whos the chef? Broadcast it live and show them how a certain meal is prepared.

For example, Dunkin Donuts broadcast a live video of them creating a donut themed wedding cake, which had more than 36,000 viewers watching!

Host a Q&A Session

Your followers may have burning questions to ask you.

Hosting a live Q&A session is a great way to see what your fan base/customers are thinking.

Let them know when the session will be and have them send in their questions beforehand. This will give you a chance to be prepared.

Or if your good on your feet, wait and see what questions are sent in during the live stream and answer them on the spot.

Exclusive Secrets and Events

Give your watching followers exclusive early access to a new product. Or a secret discount.

You could also let your followers join you in celebrating a special event or milestone for your business.

All Your Followers in One Place

Instagram live is more than just a regular post, it's more like an event.

Having your worldwide fan base together in one literal place is probably never going to happen.

But Instagram live is the opportunity to interact with them all, without even leaving your office.

Don't forget to check out our blog for some more tips on how social media campaigns can turn your business into a success overnight!


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