November 03 2020

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy

What website can fuel an entire political revolution and tell you the latest meme in the same scroll? It's Twitter.

We have Twitter to thank for the Arab Spring movement and for all the "best tweets of the week" posts Buzzfeed does.

But how do you use it to make your business stronger? Can you buy yourself new customers through twitter? Possibly, if you have the right twitter marketing strategy.

Learn the pro-approved strategies for twitter marketing below!

The Best Twitter Marketing Strategy

Want the be-all, end-all advice for twitter marketing? It's simpler than you think. Ready? Don't forget about your Twitter presence!

None of the following tips will work if you tweet sporadically and only when you remember to. Consistency is key.

1. Stay Relevant

Twitter has a board that shows you trending topics and hashtags. There is some way your company can engage with one of the ten plus top topics.

Keeping up with the recent topics and trends keeps you in people's minds. You're more likely to interact with an influencer who can boost your exposure.

Be creative! There's an appropriate way to engage with any topic. Effective Twitter ads need to be very relevant to increase conversions!

Once you make your opinion heard, make sure you don't contradict yourself. Even if you delete a tweet, you never know who screenshotted it before you did.

2. Use Video

Video will crush content in the coming years. Some people believe text ads will become completely irrelevant.

You see proof of this trend in your personal Facebook feed. Aren't all the companies trying to get you to stop scrolling with an eye-catching video?

The same goes for Twitter. Especially if you use live video!

People love live videos because they're able to interact. It makes them feel like they're part of the conversation or situation, instead of watching from an outside.

If you go live, make sure you verbally or textually respond to people participating. You can have someone on the computer typing while someone else is live.

Teamwork makes the live stream work!

3. Tweet for a Cause

Does your business have charitable giving initiatives? Why not involve Twitter in the well-doing?

Run a Tweet campaign that says something like, "We'll donate 1 cent for every retweet this tweet gets to the (your foundation)".

People like to feel like they're doing something for others and what's easier than hitting retweet?

If you use this strategy, make sure you follow through and show proof of your donation. We know you wouldn't promise a donation for attention, but your followers don't all know that.

Your Twitter Strategy

When it comes to using Twitter for exposure and brand loyalty, the tips that work for one company won't work for all of them.

Make sure you add your own brand identity and personality to whatever strategy you use.

Otherwise, your Twitter marketing strategy will fall flat and your followers will see right through it.

Want a professional to figure out your strategy for you? That's our specialty. Find out more about what we do here.

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