November 03 2017

Tap Your Digital Potential with Daily Social Posts

Tap Your Digital Potential with Daily Post

Your customers use social every day, so why shouldn’t your brand? SocialMotion Media has completely transformed the world of digital marketing, offering a platform for businesses to self-promote and dictate their brand image.

The majority of businesses have already embraced social media as a core component of their marketing campaigns, but if you still find yourself asking “why does my business need to post content every day on social media?” The answer is simple; regular posts: • Engage your target audience • Establish credibility for your business • Improve your social media ranking and SEO

SocialMotion Media - Marketing in London, our expert social media marketers can keep your profiles up to date with content that is engaging, niche relevant, and keyword/hashtag to generate a buzz for your brand.

Engage Your Target Audience

Your customers want to be your friends—so why not let them?
According to recent data, 81% of the entire US population, and an impressive 90% of Millennials, use social media—and the numbers are only projected to increase into the future.

For businesses, this makes social media a prime avenue to reach out to your target audience and invite them to join your brand culture; And according to research, this is exactly what young consumers expect you to do—with 33% of Millennials listing social media as their preferred platform for communicating with businesses.

Our services are designed to help you build your social media presence so that you can achieve new followers, friends, likes, shares, retweets, and other social signals that engage your target audience and create a social network around your brand.

Establish Credibility for your Business

With social media at the center of the digital age, your customers don’t just want to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—they expect to. In fact, some may even argue that social media is the new search, with more and more online users turning to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to discover new business than ever before.

Failing to embrace social media means getting left behind, and a sleepy profile can call into question the legitimacy of your brand in the eyes of consumers. By maintaining daily social media activity, on the other hand, you can establish your brand’s credibility and online presence.

At SocialMotion we do more than just help you meet your customer’s expectations for a credible brand, our experts stay up to date with the latest social media marketing trends to write posts that are optimized for your target audience.

Improve Your Social Media Ranking and SEO with Social Shares

Customers aren’t the only ones who like to see an active social media presence. Search engines like Google and Bing give preference to websites that have established themselves as authorities through an active digital network. When used properly, social media can be a valuable tool for link building, directing traffic back and forth from your profile to your website.

Not only can daily updates increase your visibility through the social media platform itself, for example, any time a post is retweeted or shared, but it can also improve your business’ search ranking. For example, each time Google crawls a social media profile, it looks for new content that it can factor into its search ranking. The more content you can publish on your profiles, the more frequently search engines will look at your brand—thereby speeding up the process of boosting your SEO rank.

By updating your social media profiles multiple times a day, our experts can optimize your profile with the social signals it needs for maximum visibility. In addition, we perform extensive keyword and hashtag research that is catered to boost your profile’s social media ranking and SEO.

The Hands-off Approach

To meet customer expectations in the digital age, it is essential that your social profiles are updated regularly; but without a dedicated team, this can turn into a full-time job. If you’re looking for a hands-off approach instead, our expert team of social media marketers can help you in every step from launching your profile to drafting high-quality daily posts. All the content that we write is self-promotional, keyword rich, and includes research hashtags that can effectively promote your business to your target audience.

We can prepare posts for you up to 7 days in advance, thanks to our user-friendly control panel, you can jump in to help with the exciting limited time promotions, campaigns, etc. All the while our team or writers will operate in the background to maintain a fresh stream of social media posts that maintain an active social media presence and demonstrate your brand as an industry authority.

Contact us today for more information on our cost effective comprehensive packages!

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