September 11 2020

5 Reasons Successful Social Media Marketing Isn't Easy to Do

Almost 3 billion people use social media across the globe. That's a massive opportunity for business growth!

Many business owners use social media for marketing. Posts help generate more clicks and sales. However, is social media as easy as writing a blurb and hitting "post?" We don't think so...

Keep reading to discover our top five reasons why successful social media marketing isn't an easy thing to do.

1. Social Media Marketing Takes Time...

Most business owners don't have a lot of time on their hands.

Yet, formulating a series of fun, witty comments is not a quick sitdown job. Marketers have to be creative in order to craft content that grabs attention.

Imagine having to write fifty witty statements in the course of a few hours.

Social media marketers excel in creating large quantities of social media posts every day. They consider which platform they're using and tailor their content to each platform. Posts for Twitter will be different than Facebook or Instagram.

2. Requires an (Almost) Endless Amount of Research

Vital details make up successful social media posts for marketing!

Usually, posts feature a product or service from your company. The post can suggest ways the product or service benefits the buyer in a few sentences.

To better resonate with customers, you'll want to do some research. Use demographics to learn about your customers.

  • Where do they live?
  • What's their income?
  • What's their average level of education?

Fleshing out the details will increase your likelihood of engagement.

Social media marketers will also research outside content. This involves content floating throughout social media, such as popular trends or viral videos.

They stay up-to-date with the latest so they are able to create interesting posts that will keep audiences engaged. This leads us to our third reason why social media is not easy to do.

3. Keeping an Audience Engaged Is a Process!

Creating engaging posts takes creativity. But it's not only about grabbing attention--it's about maintaining it as well.

If you're under too much stress it can be hard to crank out fifty scheduled posts. Yet this is what social media marketers do on the daily.

Social media marketers work on creating a relationship with the audience. If customers feel understood, they're more likely to trust the brand. This could mean exploring different avenues relating to the root product or service. Using Twitter as a marketing tool can be invaluable.

The goal is to get viewers to click on your website, leave comments, share, or like your posts.

4. Responding to Reviews Can be Tricky

Like Google reviews, social media gives your customers a place to share their experiences with your brand.

Some can use social media for positive reviews. This is great for businesses because it helps generate more traffic.

But, negative comments can be devastating. Many customers turn to social media to vent if they've had a negative experience at a business.

Social media marketers stay on top of the game by engaging with negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews can be tricky as well as intimidating.

They have to consider their language and maintain a positive attitude. Customers need to see your brand react positively to negativity.

5. Social Media Can be Costly

Without proper research and targeting, social media marketing can become costly.

Boosting irrelevant posts can only result in a little payoff - or nothing at all.

Craft content that's relevant to your audience. Irrelevant attachment images or posts will cost your business more money in the long run.

How Social Motion Can Help You!

Used properly, social media marketing has a significant payoff. That's why the whole world is joining in.

Too hesitant to try it out on your own?

Bring in an expert to ensure business growth. Our company specializes in successful social media marketing. We want to help skyrocket your business online.

Test out one of our social media marketing packages. You'll notice how social media can transform your business for the better!

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