February 23 2018

Brand New Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

Social media has become the number one reason why people use the internet today. In 2017, more than 39 million people in the UK used social media networks. And that number continues to grow.

Ever-advancing social media tools have the power to improve business for all industries and fields.

The tools provide rich insights into human behaviors, activities, and demographics. This knowledge leads to better marketing strategies and success.

Social media agencies also allows businesses to take on a human-face and connect with clients as individuals rather than companies.

Business must stay-up-to-date on the newest social media for business tools if they are to use social networks effectively. Keep reading to learn about the newest innovations in social media and how they can improve your business and your bottom line.

1. Quuu

Successful businesses post consistent and relevant content on social media. Quuu is a social media content suggestion program that eliminates the time spent and difficulty of creating of finding quality content to share.

Quuu allows you to select your interests, choose how many posts or shares you'd like to send out to social media, and then creates content suggestions for you.

2. Storyheap

Stories (vs. feeds) have taken over social media. And Storyheap is the only story-management tool on the market.

Storyheap lets you manage your Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories all in one place. You can create stories, schedule them, and track their performance with Storyheap.

3. Fastory

On the topic of stories, Fastory is a new social media tool that helps you create engaging and effective story posts.

Fastory allows you to choose an image or video, animation, add your logo, and incorporate a call-to-action in your stories. It's been called the Canva for stories within the social media tools world.

4. Botletter

Facebook Messenger is becoming increasingly popular and valuable for customer-business interaction. With Botletter, you can create email-like content to be scheduled and sent through Facebook Messenger.

Botletter also allows you to include images, titles, and call-to-action in your message.

5. Campsite

A huge problem for Instagram marketers is the one "link in bio" rule. Campsite connects a mobile webpage to your Instagram link and allows you to list multiple graphically appealing links.

It also lets you associate specific posts with links and link to other social media accounts. With Campsite, you only need to create and list one link to your Instagram bio and you never have to change it again.

6. Rocketium

Social media users love to watch videos (for anything and everything). With the Rocketium video creation tool, you can easily create professional and eye-catching videos that your followers will love.

Rocketium has many templates to choose from and lets you format your clips for various social media networks.

Social Media Tools at Your Fingertips

Understanding and utilizing the newest trends in social media management will improve your marketing strategy and your business.

However, managing all these social media tools and staying up-to-date takes a lot of work and time.

At SocialMotion Media, we can take the burden off your shoulders. We specialize in social media marketing and management using the newest innovations and encompassing the latest user trends.

SocialMotion delivers quality content in the right amount that is specifically designed for your audience and business.

Contact us today to learn more and set up a free business consultation.


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