February 24 2018

How to Think like a Social Media Strategist

Social media is integral to growing a business today. It's the new television - everyone spends many hours weekly on social media, so it makes sense for you to connect with them there.

What makes social networks a better platform than television is that it opens up two-way communication. You can't deny the potential impact it can have on your revenue and growth.

Whether you're looking to sell products or services or gain more subscribers, becoming a social media strategist is key.

In this quick guide, we'll discuss some ways a social media agency could help.

Determine Where Social Media Fits Into Your Strategy

The first step to thinking like a social media strategist is to identify how certain networks can help your marketing plan. Will it help draw more attention to your blog content or video posts?

Or maybe, it'll get you more subscribers to your email newsletter. Whatever it may be, you need to have a purpose for using it or you'll waste many hours doing work that yields no results.

Determine Your Objective

Now that you know how social media can help you, it's time to pinpoint your objectives. In some cases, businesses only have one objective on social media, while others have two or more.

The idea is to make them clear enough so you can get good results. For instance, if you're looking to grow your subscriber base, then you should focus on sharing your content and using calls to action like "subscribe today" or "join my newsletter for more tips."

Identify How to Measure Your Results

If you can't measure your strategies, then there's no way to tell if it's working. For instance, you should have tools like Google Analytics to keep track of how many subscribers are coming from your social media campaigns.

You can track all sorts of things with Google Analytics, such as traffic sources, conversions, and most popular posts.

Analyze the data you collect to see what's working and what's not. Do plenty of A/B testing to see which types of content perform the best.

Know Your Audience

If you know your customer, then you should know your audience. If not, then it's time to get to researching. This will determine what their likes and dislikes are and what type of content they're looking for.

It's also critical to pay attention to the types of content they enjoy - some like video over reading and others like visuals like infographics and memes. See how you can come to a middle ground to produce content in the forms they enjoy and are more likely to share.

Learn More About Being a Social Media Strategist

Becoming a social media guru is all in what you know. And you can learn a lot with the right resources. Putting into practice what you learn is the only way you'll be able to determine what methods will work best for your brand.

To get started learning all there is to know about social media, you can visit Social Motion.

Stop by our site today to see how we can educate you enough to manage your own social media campaigns!


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