March 05 2018

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

Did you know four out of five consumers admit that social media posts from vendors impact their purchasing decisions?

Despite the effectiveness of social media marketing for London businesses, many firms fail to take advantage of its plentiful benefits. In fact, almost a quarter of small businesses still don't have a social media presence at all. And even if they do have one, they often don't engage their followers enough.

Let's take a quick look at five of the biggest ways your business can benefit from using SocialMotion Media!

1. Improved Brand Awareness

The average person will spend more than five years on social media during their lifetime. So social media platforms offer plenty of opportunities to introduce new people to your brand.

Just having a presence on the right platforms increases the visibility of your brand. But your target audience is more likely to stumble across your content if you post regularly. If they like what they see, they might even share it with their friends.

2. Increased Website Traffic

The search results on the first page of Google get 71.33% of the clicks. Therefore, if you rank low on search engines, you can't expect much inbound web traffic.

Social media provides an alternative way for you to attract people to your site. All you have to do is include links to your site in your posts.

Although social media doesn't have a direct impact on your SEO, it can still bolster your efforts. If a tweet featuring one of your blog posts gets enough shares, other people may eventually link back to your article. This helps you build backlinks, which indicate authority to Google.

3. Better Customer Relationships

When using social media for business, there are many ways to strengthen relationships. For example, a compliment from satisfied customer gives you a chance to recommend them a new product or service.

But you don't have to limit yourself to typical exchanges. One of the biggest social media marketing trends of this year is live video. Live content such as Q&A sessions and office tours promote engagement and help build trust in your brand.

4. Stronger Brand Authority

In order for potential customers to trust your brand, they have to perceive you as legitimate. By posting informative content on social media on the regular basis, you establish credibility in your field.

On the other hand, a nonexistent or inactive social media page works against you. People might assume that your business no longer exists.

5. More Valuable Customer Insights

Getting to know your audience is much easier with social media. Social listening enables you to get a good look at the demographics of your potential customers as well as their pain points and interests.

By using social media for business, you also enjoy the benefit of instant feedback. Nearly 70% of Twitter users admit that they've used the service to reach out to a company.

Use Social Media for Business Today

Keep in mind that you should tailor your content to each social media platform. While the content that thrives on Facebook might not work on Twitter, you can always repurpose it.

Another key to a successful social media marketing strategy is having a consistent content calendar. Producing engaging content for all your social media channels can be time-consuming. But a content calendar allows you to stay organized.

Do you need a social media manager to help tell your brand story and attract new clients? If so, make sure to contact us today to discuss outsourcing your social media!


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