November 09 2017

5 Social Media Apps You Need to Be a Part of by 2018

If you're business isn't a part of these top social media apps then you're falling behind on your 2017 marketing campaigns. See why you need to join them now. If you are looking for a social media agency in London, then you are in the right place!

5 Social Media Apps You Need to Be a Part of by 2018

Are you looking to expand your business and improve your outreach opportunities?

Social media is a crucial avenue to take if you want to reach potential customers.

68% of American adults have at least one social media account. Get your business on board to connect with these people and make your company name known.

This article will break down the top 5 social media tools and apps and your business should be using.

1) Facebook

If your business isn't on Facebook yet, it should be.

Facebook is the most widely used and popular social media app. With a Facebook page for your business, you can automatically reach far more people than you could with traditional marketing techniques.

Facebook is a great place to post "events" your business is having. You can create an event on Facebook inviting people to an open house of your company and then invite whoever you want.

This is also one of the great social media apps for leaving reviews. People can come to your company page and give honest feedback.

2) Linked In

LinkedIn is a great place to link up with other businesses and people in your industry.

LinkedIn has often been dubbed the "professional Facebook". You can also use LinkedIn to find potential employees or post job openings your company might have.

LinkedIn is a good place to list your current employees and make valuable business connections.

3) Twitter

President Donald Trump has gotten a lot of attention from using his Twitter account, and so can you.

Twitter is one of the great social media apps for announcements about your company. You can send out 140 character tweets when you have new sales or deals happening at your company.

You can also retweet relevant quotes from people in your industry. Twitter is a good place to post if your business is going to be closed for the day or any other information that you want to get out quickly.

4) Instagram

Instagram is an app for tapping into a younger audience.

Instagram is the favorite app of millennials who are famous for posting pictures of their brunch.

You can easily attract customers to your business with an active Instagram account. Use this app to post high-quality photos of the product your business sells. Post about your employees and things your company is doing.

5) Snapchat

Snapchat is a great app to have if your company is a retail store, restaurant, or other attraction that customers physically visit.

With Snapchat you can have a "story" of all the cool products you're offering on a given day. People who follow your company's Snapchat can click through and be drawn in by your pictures.

Get on These Social Media Apps

Social media is the present and future of marketing.

In order to compete with other businesses, you need to be on these social media apps so that customers can notice you.

Have questions about this article or any of the apps we mentioned? Please contact us here.

We are happy to help you launch your social media campaigns and expand your business.

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