December 12 2017

3 Out-of-the-Box Social Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

With so many social marketing campaigns these days, you'd think it's impossible to create something that stands out.

Yet, companies worldwide are successfully creating buzz and generating sales through social media. All it takes is some creativity.

Curious to know how they got these results? You're in the right place.

Keep reading to learn about three unique social marketing campaigns our agency (SocialMotion Media) that actually worked!

1. #AYearInSpace

In NASA's most influential viral campaign yet, astronaut Scott Kelly embarked on a year-long journey in space. His constant posts on the major social networks captivated millions of viewers.

This campaign successfully created a deep buzz and interest for NASA and its mission. It also educated people about the science of space, even from hundreds of miles away.

2. "Evan"

When we think of social marketing campaigns, our minds often drift to auto-played Instagram ads for sunglasses or iPhone games. But sometimes these campaigns are much more impactful.

Take The Sandy Hook Promise's video "Evan" for example. If you're on Facebook, then you saw (or scrolled past) this video.

It's about the end of a teenage boy's school year where he finds an unexpected crush. They write anonymous messages back and forth in the library until her identity is revealed through a quintessential yearbook signing at the end.

What does this have to do with the Sandy Hook shooting?

Well, at the end of the video our attention is drawn to a young man who has been in the background much of the time, displaying warning signs of gun violence.

The point is that no one noticed a boy on the verge of committing a mass shooting. By illustrating how ignorant people often are to these warning signs, this video successfully shocked the public into giving thought to these red flags.

This campaign used emotions in the same way that many marketing campaigns do to enlist societal change. Currently, it has 10,137,035 views on Youtube.

3. #MBPhotoPass

Next, let's take a look at the success of one of Mercedes-Benz's social marketing campaigns, #MBPhotoPass.

In this campaign, Mercedes-Benz USA "passed" its Instagram account to a variety of influencers for a limited amount of time. The best part?

These passes didn't necessarily feature automobiles. By allowing influencers to showcase their genuine lives, it spiced up Mercedes-Benz's feed. At the same time, it attracted millions of likes, comments, and impressions.

When people don't feel marketed to in a pushy way, they respond positively.

Take Inspiration from These Social Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking to create a social media marketing campaign that stands out from the crowd? And perhaps even changes the world in some way? Well, take inspiration from the examples above!

Whether your goal is to influence social change, or even just to make some sales, the key is always to think outside the box. Create unique content and be genuine. Follow those guidelines and you can't go wrong!

Have any questions or comments about this article? Let's chat! We'd love to hear from you.


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