October 09 2017

Social Buzz and Content

What use is posting great content on Social Media if it is not creating a buzz around what it is you are sharing?

The answer is very little.

Many companies and people own social media accounts, whether it be sharing images with the family on facebook, blogging about a recipe on Instagram, or finding work via Linkedin. Our lives on social media have undoubtedly become intertwined with our life offline.

One of the difficulties of this transition from traditional methods of communication is being able to measure the engagement of what it is you are sharing.
For thousands of years, we have had real-time feedback on what we say and do from the reactions of who we are sharing with. This can be via face expressions, body language, and verbal remarks and comments.

In a fast-paced social world, this interaction and social media marketing have not been lost. Think of the content we post online, whether it be a blog article or a comment on others content as traditional basic social media. As in life, moving from an infant to child and adult, we quickly have to advance our social skills to improve our interactions in this world. This is done in exactly the same way as in the modern online world of social media by increasing our technical skills using social media to a higher lever user by actions based on initial communications.

These next level measures of social media buzz are the most valuable for those using social media for both personal and business purposes. These higher level interactions are characterized by metrics such as re-tweets, comments, shares and indicate a more engaged audience which has taken action.

When posting content on social media, look to see what content previously has created a great buzz and look to target these audiences. This can be started easily by engaging with the existing content by creating a well-thought comment or sharing a helpful resource. Aim to create content with a buzz.

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