October 04 2021

SEO vs PPC: What’s the Difference?

SEO vs PPC: What’s the difference, exactly? You’ve heard about both, but which one does your business actually need? Read on to learn more.

If you want to boost website traffic to your site by utilizing search engine results, you have two options:

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC)
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

This begs the question: SEO vs PPC, which one’s better? Let’s dive into this in greater detail!

What’s the Difference?

SEO is where you focus on optimizing your site to rank higher in search engine results, organically.

There are many elements to consider:

  • A white hat backlinking strategy
  • Your website copy
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions

Just to name a few!

Whereas PPC is paid advertising that focuses on targeted keyword phrases your audience are searching for.

What Are the Benefits of PPC?

There are plenty of advantages to using PPC.

You can split test your site faster, which will help boost conversions in the long run. By driving more traffic to your website, you’ll see which variables impact your results.

In short, PPC is an excellent way of kick-starting your online business by gaining traffic almost immediately, and when you have more traffic, you can analyze your target market in greater depth.

Plus, PPC’s usually immune from changes to SEO algorithms. When this occurs, sites purely optimized for SEO can lose their prestigious rankings, which is never good for business!

What About SEO?

Any long-term digital marketing strategy should incorporate SEO. Statistically, this method brings you better quality traffic to your site.

Visitors are far more likely to trust organic rankings in comparison to paid ones. It shows you’re an authority in your industry, which instantly boosts your credibility.

What’s Your Budget?

This has a massive bearing on which method you use.

If you have $5 a day to spend on marketing your site, then launching a PPC campaign is a great idea.

Start with a tiny budget and laser target your ideal audience. You’ll quickly get a grasp of your conversion rate, and whether you’re making a return on your investment.

Then, scale it up from there!

However, if you don’t have a budget for marketing, you might want to stick purely to SEO.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

In truth, a combination of SEO optimization and PPC advertising might be the solution.

You can see on Google Analytics how much other advertisers are paying to rank for a particular keyword. For more expensive keyword phrases you’re usually better off ranking organically using SEO.

Trying to make a profit when so much expense is involved can be difficult. Instead, try and focus your PPC campaigns on non-competitive phrases that demonstrate user intent.

Did You Enjoy This Article on SEO vs PPC?

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