October 04 2021

5 Telltale Signs You Need to Fire Your SEO Specialist

Is your SEO specialist not doing the job you hired them to do? Read on to learn 5 telltale signs you need to fire your SEO specialist.

Over 414,000 businesses opened up in the United Kingdom in 2016.

As a business owner in the U.K., you know how stiff competition can be. To make sure you compete, you hired an SEO specialist to get an online advantage.

But you’ve been paying your company, and it seems that they continue to fail you. You may have seen some progress, but now you’re wondering if it’s worth your time.

But knowing if it’s time to fire your specialist is difficult to know. Lucky for you, this article will tell you everything you need. By the end, you’ll know if you’ll keep your company or not.

Read on for the 5 telltale signs you should fire your SEO specialist.

1. They Don’t Keep Track

SEO is all about the numbers, and if you aren’t seeing any, it may be time to let go. All SEO specialists should be keeping track of conversions.

If they aren’t, there’s no way they can know if your business is improving. They may make some tangible changes, but you need to know if they’re making you money.

An SEO company shouldn’t be managing your online clicks alone. This is important, but it’s the end of SEO effectiveness.

They should also be taking into consideration if you’re getting more business. They can’t make sure you make more money. But they should quantify how many sales opportunities you get.

3. They Don’t Tell You What’s Happening

An SEO specialist should be a good communicator. You should expect them to give updates as often as they can.

You might want to ask for updates if they are not letting you know. Who knows? They may not be doing much at all!

A good specialist should also be teaching you new things about SEO. You should become a mini-expert on SEO if you’re paying for a service.

Of course, you can’t expect them to teach you everything. That is why you’re paying them after all. But, you shouldn’t get confused when they talk about your site.

With larger companies, you should expect them to have a blog about SEO. While they may not have time to educate you on an individual level, you can learn more on their blog instead.

4. They Make Bad Content

One of the biggest parts of SEO is content marketing. Good content marketing takes time, care, and professional writers. And if your SEO company isn’t doing this, it’s time to say goodbye.

A great website with plenty of backlinks from others is great. But your company has to have its own branded content as well. This brings more traffic to your site and gives you content for social media.

Should You Fire Your SEO Specialist?

Now that you know the signs, you should be able to decide if you should fire your SEO specialist. Although we can’t tell you for sure, you should be able to make a decision on your own with this information.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Check out more on our web marketing blog. And if you’re looking to get started with a great SEO company, check out what our business can do for you.

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