The Most Important Qualities of Cheap SEO Packages

The Most Important Qualities of Cheap SEO Packages

What You Should Find in Cheap SEO Packages

Are you looking for cheap SEO packages? Here are a few important qualities to look for.

Google performs over 100 billion searches a month. With numbers like that, ensuring your website has all it’s SEO ducks in a row is more important than ever. There are thousands of SEO packages on the market but not all of them are within a new or small business’ budget range.

Luckily there are affordable SEO packages out there. You just have to know what to look for AND what to look out for.

Here are the qualities you should find in a cheap SEO package.

Business First

SEO packages work best when tailored to one’s business. So your best bet when shopping for cheap SEO is to find a package that tackles areas your business will benefit the most from.

If your website is already SEO optimized then an SEO package that focuses on On Page Optimization probably isn’t the best fit for you. Conversely, if your content isn’t generating social media shares, then an SEO package that concentrates on Social Media Optimization would be valuable to you.

The cheaper the SEO package, the fewer areas it’ll focus on, so be mindful of that as you shop around. If your business is struggling in a number of areas, it’ll probably be better for you, in the long run, to shuffle more of your budget into a more complete SEO package.

Good Testimonials

No matter how cheap an SEO package is, if the company’s work is poor, then it’s wasted money all the same.

When you buy an SEO package, think of it as you buying a service. Just as a decent mechanic will have positive testimonials, so too should your SEO company.

Checking review sites is a great way to get an idea of how your prospective SEO company has operated in the past. It’s also a good idea to look at their past clients, see how they’re faring with the SEO service they were provided.

Know What to Avoid

Unfortunately, SEO is an industry rife with scammers. There are those who promise the world and deliver a pebble, but worse than them, there are companies that deal in Blackhat SEO practices.

Blackhat SEO practices aren’t just a waste of money, they can actively damage your website’s search engine ranking. This is because Google, and other search engines, are savvy to bad SEO, and they’ll penalize your site if they determine that you’re engaging in Blackhat practices.

On the upside, there are a few well-established warning signs that can tip you off to an unscrupulous SEO company.

Avoid SEO companies that:

Claim to Have an “in” with Google

Google doesn’t work with SEO companies. If anything, they’re in a slightly antagonistic symbiotic relationship.

Guarantee the Number 1 Search Engine Rank

SEO isn’t an exact science and so the outcome of SEO practices can’t be guaranteed.

Will Submit Your Site to Directories

In many cases, the site directories they’ll submit to will already have a black mark against them from Google. If your site is liked to from such a directory, it will hurt your site’s Google ranking.

In essence, you will have a black mark by association.

Claim to Know Absolutely Everything About Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines don’t publicize their algorithms. Period.

Affordable SEO Packages Are Possible

Affordable SEO isn’t a pipe dream. The key is to know your business’ flaws, background check your SEO company shortlist, and steer clear of underhanded practices.

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