October 04 2021

3 Types of On Page SEO Services

On Page SEO services help optimize your existing website content, making for a better user experience. Discover some tips of how to improve yours today.

As traditional marketing methods phase out, businesses are investing more in search engine optimization.

SEO requires a lot of work. The most important part of this work – what you do on your own website and pages – is called on page SEO.

Many small businesses don’t think they have the time or expertise to optimize their site. Luckily, on page SEO services are easy to outsource to an experienced SEO company.

Looking for help with your online presence? Here are three common types of on page SEO services that SEO companies offer to their clients.

Content Management

The greatest weapon in the SEO arsenal is content.

In many ways, content is the canvas for your SEO masterpiece. Content gives you a medium in which to present other key pieces of the SEO equation, including keywords (more on those later), links, titles, and tags.

As the search bots crawl through your website, they see what you write and how often you do it. If the algorithm sees you’re publishing high-quality content, it will perceive you as an authority on your topic and thus rank you higher on search results pages.

Of course, content isn’t just for the robots — it’s for the humans, too. Your content is what your audience reads, watches, and interacts with when they visit your site. Informative or entertaining pieces will go a long way toward building your reputation among potential customers.

Maintaining a steady stream of content can be difficult for small businesses. To help, many SEO companies offer content management services to keep your website well-stocked.

Keyword Research

For content to truly be effective, it takes a bit of research on what people are searching for.

We’ve all done it. Multiple times every day, we’re on our phone or laptop typing in a phrase or question into Google.

The goal of keyword research is to find the exact words and phrases that the people most likely to want your product are typing. By including relevant keywords in your content and on your product pages, the people typing them in their search bar will find you easier.

Choosing effective keywords is trickier than you might expect. It involves some trial and error and looking at analytics. That’s why keyword research is one of the most important SEO services that experts offer.

Responsive Design and Mobile

The design of your website plays a major role in your on page SEO.

The way your site works while browsing it on desktop has always been of utmost importance. But now, the mobile experience is just as important, especially with mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic.

The current best practice for web design is responsive design. This structure allows you to create a great mobile experience by modifying your site based on the size of a device’s viewscreen.

Following responsive design is important for SEO, as a poor mobile experience will hurt your search ranking. If your site needs a redesign, many SEO companies can provide that service.

Get On Page SEO Services

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