December 13 2017

Can Instagram Influencers Really Help You Sell More Products?

Did you know 79 percent of social media users use Facebook, Instagram and other social sites to find information and recommendations about products?

Well, perhaps that's not unexpected news. After all, social media is changing how people share and consume information, and creating a set of new careers and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

One of its new creation is influencers; individuals with large followings on various social networking platforms. With these people comes influencer marketing.

As a social media manager or business owner, is it worth your pounds to invest in Instagram influencer marketing? Will Instagram influencers help you make more sales? Not sure how to find Instagram influencers?

Read on to find out!

Instagram Has a Huge User Base

Before crafting a social marketing strategy, you must know which social sites you want to run your campaigns.

Instagram is an ideal platform, because it has 800 million active users globally. Only Facebook and YouTube have more active users. In the UK, Instagram has a modest count, clocking in at 14 million monthly active users.

This means a well-executed Instagram campaign, even without the use of influencers, has the potential to reach a couple of million users.

Users Love Using Instagram to Find Products or Services

60 percent of Instagram users have admitted to learning about a new product or service in Instagram.

This is promising if one of your marketing goals is letting your target market know about a new product or service that's about to go on sale.

What's more, a 2016 survey revealed that 75 percent of Instagram users take some action - visiting a site, sharing the news with a friend or buying the product - after reading a post on the platform.

Top Instagram Influencers Have a Large Following (and an Authoritative Voice)

Influencers aren't called so for no reason. They have the numbers to show for it!

Huda Kattan, for example, has more than 22.9 million followers on Instagram. She is a health and beauty influencer.

To put this in context, she has more followers than the number of people who actively use the site in the UK!

Beyond the numbers, these influencers have an authoritative voice. Their posts, as long as they don't sound too pushy, are read and shared by millions. Their followers trust them, and they trust their recommendations.

If you can get such an influencer on your campaign, your sales will increase, no doubt!

Influencer Marketing Works

94 percent of marketers and business owners who have used influencer marketing say it works!

What other proof do you need to believe investing in Instagram influencer marketing will yield the results you want?

Instagram Influencers Can and Will Increase Your Sales

Influencer marketing is a new strategy. If you have never used it before, it's okay to sit on the fence and wonder if it works.

To this end, we believe you have the information you needed to make a conclusive decision; that Instagram influencer marketing is effective.

However, the success of your campaign depends on choosing the right influencers for your brand, as well as an experienced social media management agency.

At Social Motion, we're all about helping businesses make the most of social media. Get in touch and let's discuss what we can do for you.


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