May 14 2018

How to Use Instagram for Your Clothing Brand Promotion

Social media has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for new businesses. From Facebook entrepreneurs to YouTube millionaires, having reach and influence can lead to lucrative opportunities.

While each platform has its strengths, Instagram has carved out its niche as the most stylish. By being a visually-driven site, it has allowed fashion start-ups to find audiences craving great images and style.

If you're looking for online brand promotion for your clothing line, Instagram is the go-to platform. Keep reading to learn the Instagram strategies to help your brand grow.

Optimize Your Page

A business page is different than a personal page, so when launching your clothing line's Instagram site, make sure it's as a business page. Include a link to your homepage, and write an interesting and catchy bio.

It's important that you have a coherent vision for your brand. Knowing what color scheme you want to use is a great first step for giving your site a professional look.

As well, make sure you're using the same branding everytime you use the business name. Often, consistency can be the difference between appearing as an amateur or a professional.

Create Interesting Content

Get your images right. Invest in the equipment to give you the visuals you want. That may be a camera, lighting, backdrops; anything that can enrich the quality of your pictures.

Make sure your pictures are optimized, too. Ensure that they're all the same size and quality. Crop out anything unnecessary or distracting. Instagram formats images to be square: keep this in mind with preparing your pictures.

You don't need a social media agency to let the pictures sell themselves. Instagram isn't a place to pitch your products. Instead, you need to make them as appealing as possible so that your audience wants them. If they need you to convince them of the quality of your goods than your images are failing to do their job.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful tool for getting new clicks. They allow you to piggyback on trends and lead a new audience to your site, giving you a whole new opportunity for sales.

It's very important, though, that you don't abuse this practice. If someone follows s #SpringStyle hashtag to an image of winter boots, you'll end up damaging the reputation of your brand. Legitimacy is key in social media marketing.

Offer Your Followers Exclusives

One key strength of using Instagram for sales is that you get to build a network of supporters. By following you, they've shown that they have an active interest in your brand. Reward them, then, with exclusives or additional discounts to foster this relationship and encourage others to join.

Check the Data

Instagram offers insights into your site. By learning who is visiting your page and when you can super-charge and ensure successful social media marketing campaigns by tailoring them to the behaviors of your audience. The more you know about your followers, the better you can meet their wants and needs.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Brand Promotion

There has never been a better time to launch a clothing brand. By taking advantage of the opportunities that Instagram provides, you can use online brand promotion to launch your hobby or passion into a fulfilling and lucrative opportunity.

If you'd like to know more about launching a social media marketing campaign or want to know what services are available, swing by our site. We have a number of packages to meet your needs.


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