October 04 2021

How Does PPC Work?


PPC marketing has many advantages – it surfaces your business quickly in search engines, delivering fast leads and fast sales. The return on investment from a PPC campaign can be huge.

But how does PPC work?

This guide runs through all the basics of a PPC campaign, from bidding and budgeting to bringing home the bacon.

How Does PPC Work? The Basics

PPC is a way of ‘purchasing’ visits to your website.

You’ll pick out certain keywords and bid on them to place them at the top of a search engine’s results.

For example, if you own a jewellery store. You might want to appear at the top of the list when someone types ‘Diamond Necklace’ because you specialise in diamonds.

You’ll assign an amount of money you want to spend on the keyword in total. And then you’ll bid

So if you put 400 pounds into the budget, and bid 4 pounds for each click, you’ll get 100 promoted clicks before the ad is dropped from the search list.

Google Adwords is the best-known and most-used system for PPC campaigns.

Keyword Research

How do you pick out keywords to use for your business?

Well, to start, they need to relate to your business. And the groups of words you choose need to be tightly focused to deliver the right leads.

Fortunately, there are many free keyword research tools online which can help you out. And professional digital marketing agencies can guide and tighten up lists for you according to your needs.

Besides choosing the right keywords, you also need to select the right audience to see it. You do this by filtering age, gender, and interests – among other parameters.

This means that you’ll need a precise idea of who your target audience is to start with.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the page people enter when they click on your promoted link.

The landing page needs to cater to the common questions people have been asking Google.

In our jewellery store example, a person using the search term “cheapest diamond necklace” expects to land on a page focussing on prices. Not a page about the providence of your diamonds.

In short, you need to tailor landing pages to customer expectations. If you deviate too far from the search terms you’re targeting, this will ‘jar’ with the customer and increases their chance of dropping out.

What About SEO and Other Channels?

PPC can be an effective marketing tool. But now that you’ve found the answer to “How does PPC work?”, there are other questions that need answering about other digital channels.

This is because PPC works best when you’re also using a great SEO strategy to push results to the top of the list. You’ve then got both paid-for and organic terms covered off.

And in turn, SEO links neatly into content and social marketing strategies. In the digital world, you need a holistic approach to make the most of all your assets.

Talk to us about getting more traffic to your site with an integrated SEO and PPC digital marketing campaign. We offer a free initial consultation, so don’t be shy!

The more traffic you have, the more customers and sales you’re likely to make. Which ultimately means more money!

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