December 04 2020

3 Reasons You Need a Corporate Social Media Policy

If you're a regular follower of our site, you already know how much we love social media. Especially when it helps businesses grow.

But while social media can be your greatest marketing ally, it can also cause problems that paint your company in a negative light.

Since any employee can write anything on a social media platform, businesses need to be careful. That's why it's important to establish a social media policy for your brand.

Here are the three biggest reasons why your business needs to establish a social media policy immediately.

It Establishes What Will (And Won't) Be Tolerated

Perhaps the best reason to establish social media guidelines is to help employees understand what will and won't be tolerated.

There are plenty of brands out there that aren't sure how to treat social media. They feel that what an employee does with a social media profile is his or her own business.

And to an extent, they're right. However, any controversy they attract can reflect poorly upon your company as a whole.

Setting guidelines can let new and experienced employees understand what qualifies as an actionable offense should they violate your policies and guidelines.

It Gives Your Messaging A Clear Voice

If your brand doesn't yet have a clear voice, social media can be a bit like throwing darts with your eyes closed -- you're just hoping something sticks.

One of the best ways to make sure that your messaging fits with your brand's overall message is to ensure that your posts are cohesive.

Establishing even a rudimentary set of guidelines can better mold your social posts in accordance with your goals.

Imagine taking a gander at your brand's social pages. As you're perusing posts, you notice that one post sounds remarkably casual while the other sounds too stiff. As a result, it becomes immediately evident that two different employees wrote these posts.

This takes the average consumer out of the experience. Remember, social media marketing is supposed to be a more subversive, relaxed form of marketing that encourages discussion.

If you don't have a cohesive voice, you run the risk of coming across as cold and corporate.

A Corporate Social Media Policy Can Keep You Out Of Court

Controversy is one thing, but court cases are another matter entirely. Did you know that the actions of your employees can put your entire business at risk?

It's true. There have been dozens of court cases based on something as seemingly harmless as a social media post.

Saying the wrong thing can land you in a lot of hot water. While you run the risk of losing a customer with a poorly worded response, you may also run the risk of landing in court.

Protect Your Brand By Implement A Social Media Policy

Implementing a corporate social media policy may be the smartest move your brand makes this year. You won't run the risk of a PR disaster, your branding will have a single voice, and you won't need to worry about lawsuits.

If you're looking for more advice on writing for social media, how to establish a social media policy or just want to improve your business' social presence, get in touch!

We'd love to talk with you about how Social Motion can take your brand's marketing to the next level.

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