October 18 2017

6 steps to Facebook success

Building a targeted Facebook audience

With an active marketplace comparable to the population of China, Facebook is a digital marketing wonderland. If you haven’t gone down the rabbit hole yet, it’s high time you did! Once you learn to navigate this world, the potential for your online business growth is boundless. If Facebook is not part of your digital marketing strategy, then it’s time to follow the white rabbit! In 6 easy steps, we’ll help you master this marketing wonder and get your message out into the world!

Psst…there is no secret formula to success and getting your initial social media footing is always the hardest part. Follow these steps, persevere and you will have an invaluable digital marketing tool at your command.

Don’t sell anything

Don’t sell anything you say? I know this is counter-intuitive from a business perspective, but all will become clear. First instincts when exploring your marketing potential will be to use every sales channel available to you, but this is not the first step of you're the social media adventure. Social media should be used to increase awareness and interaction with your target audience. Engagement with your brand is the key to opening the door to Facebook success!

The best way to inspire your audience is not always to promote the products and services you are looking to sell, but to provide useful and interesting posts which will add everyday value. Facebook users love to see helpful information on their newsfeeds. Providing helpful posts will make them pay attention to what you are doing and create interest in your company. When engaged, your audience will want to share any information or tips you provide as well as your services. Engaged audiences can help your content go viral value which is like gold dust in the digital world.

Be consistent

If you want your audience to be interactive and respond to your calls to action, consistency in your posting frequency will lead you to dominate. If you post every day or even several times a day, you’ll find that this will create a relationship with your target audience and put you a step above others within Facebook and social media.

What gives a person a reason to like and follow a post? Interest and value are the most important tools at your disposal. Using these two factors will help to send your posts and company viral across the globe! With consistent posting and valuable content, even the most casual Facebook user will notice your brand.


Facebook, THE social network, says it all. We all know that old saying, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. When it comes to building a Facebook audience, it’s not always easy to find out who the movers and shakers are in your industry. Getting industry leaders and interested parties following you can lead to an exponential expansion of your Facebook audience. Networking makes the difference between a good following and a great one!

Invest in Facebook advertising

Facebook ads are amazingly versatile and cost effective. So why not use them to promote your posts and stories. You can target your campaign at any demographic group anywhere in the world. With any campaign on Facebook, you are looking to promote posts, stories, products and services. Facebook ads allow you to target people who are right for your business. The versatility of advertisement setup will allow you to minimise random and general exposure. By doing this, you can get the direct results that can lead to new customers in your business niche.

Measure and focus

Where do most social media campaigns fail? It is important to be able to measure your strategies and focus on positive outcomes. Interactions with each of your campaigns should be observed so that you can see which methods are creating the most engagement. Once you start looking at campaigns individually, you can see how your target audience has become interested in you.

Tap into what you have

Have you created an email list in the past? An email list can prove beneficial when using the tools available on Facebook. You can upload your email list to create a ‘custom audience’ in the Facebook ads setting page.

Do you have a website? If you do, why not use it by placing a like button above the fold of your pages? This is a great source to help build a targeted Facebook audience. So, what comes next? Other social media sites. Although Facebook is the subject of this article, other social media platforms can be amazingly beneficial in your quest for a larger audience. Using Twitter and LinkedIn by adding your Facebook page link to personal profiles is a wonderful way to increase your Facebook following. The value of viral can be enhanced by simply connecting with colleagues and friends. This engaged audience will help to build a cascade of exposure and followers.

The six points highlighted above will provide you with a sturdy footing on your Facebook campaigns. It is persistent and thoughtful work but will yield benefits that will help get your business noticed online. A great London based social media agency can help!

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