April 01 2021

Beneficial Mobile Apps for Social Media Management

Today, social media marketing has become the most efficient one over all sorts of marketing. Since traditional marketing is losing its importance, social platforms have almost turned into the only medium of marketing for brands. Many aspects have to be kept on track when it comes to social media marketing. This has led to the inception of many social media management applications. In this article, you are going to know some of the best social media management applications. 


Sendible is the one-stop destination to manage your social media page effectively. The app drives data about various aspects, articulates them, and presents them to you in an easy-to-understand way. Once you upload a post, it gives an in-depth report of its performance by providing data about various factors such as impressions, reactions, engagement, and demographics of people who interacted with your posts, etc. You can schedule posts across all the leading social platforms by using this application. One factor that will be a bit complex to the users is that Sendible has two different applications to perform the tasks mentioned above. They are Sendible Engage and Publish. Thus, the necessity to switch between two different applications is the only factor that irks the users of Sendible. Trollishly is also a similar service that will help you to make a strong presence on social platforms. 

Sprout Social:  

Sprout Social is the management application for you if you care more about analytics. Its well-equipped analytics will provide a detailed report about various criteria that will help you to analyze your social media performance accurately. Based on your social media presence, the app also come-up with proactive suggestions which will help you to frame a result-driving social media strategy. The app doesn't offer a free trial. So, if you want to test this tool's performance, you have to purchase it straight away. If you are concerned about analytics over all other factors, it is worth paying for this application. Apart from letting you know the demographics of the people who interacted with your posts, the app also gives data about the prospects who could possibly turn into your customers. Hence, this social media management tool can also help you expand your business by assisting you in generating leads. The application can be utilized to manage almost all social platforms. Hence, give this social media management tool a try as it could help you climb up the ladder of success. 


Everypost is a social media management tool that is powered with the capability to curate content. The application provides suggestions to curate the content according to the characteristics of the social platform chosen by you. For example, if you are typing to post a tweet and if the word limit exceeds 280 characters, then Everypost curtails the content. It ensures that the tweet retains the message that you want to convey. Hence, you can minimize the time and efforts that go into content curation by availing Everypost. The tool is also a perfect fit for social listening as it creates a report by collecting feedbacks about your brand and curates it. Hence, going with this social media management tool is sure a wiser move as it helps in amplifying the quality of your content. This tool is witnessing an upward trend in its usage as many companies have started using it. The capability of this tool to help in content curation has caught the attention of many. 


Oktopost is the social media management tool that was crafted particularly for B2C businesses. The tool single-handedly scans and spots the leads based on the insights you provide it. It will also keep an eye on your prospects and collect the required information. This will help you to frame your social media campaigns in accordance with the thoughts and interests of your target audience. Subsequently, the prospects can easily get connected with your promotions and show interest in your product. The editorial calendar of Oktopost will help you keep everything on track, and you won't miss even a single schedule. It also has other benefits, such as social media automation and content analysis. Thus, this is a comprehensive tool that carries various tasks and decreases your burden.  


Sustaining the brand reputation on social platforms is the key to gain success in social media marketing. Mention runs a check across the social platforms and lets you know what people are talking about your brand. This will help you to respond immediately and make timely changes to your social media strategy. The tool's analytics also provides top-notch performance as it drives all the stats regarding your social media posts. Thus, mention is an ideal tool for maintaining your brand reputation across social platforms.

Wrapping Up:   

The need for the social media management tool has been increasing with time as much work goes into managing social media presence. The above-listed management applications are the most sought-after ones by brands and have offered satisfactory performance to the majority of their users.  

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