October 04 2021

5 Must-Know Local SEO Tips


Search engine optimization has become an essential tool for creating awareness for your business. Earning a high-ranking spot on the search engine response page grants you a massive audience for those looking for your services.

Even more essential is to target potential clients based on geography. Refining your local SEO ensures that you reach the audience nearby.

This follows the same strategies as standard SEO, but with a few tweaks. Below we’ll explore 5 local SEO tips to help you achieve a high SERP ranking.

Get Setup on Google My Business

Since Google is the search engine we focus on most with SEO, it’s important to utilize the tools Google provides businesses.

My Business is a Google-based site for your business. It’s a place where you define your location and any pertinent information. Google uses mail-outs to verify your location, which allows you to earn a spot on the Google Maps feature.

You can also use Google Posts to help share your content organically.

The proper optimization and use of My Business tells Google that you are serious about your business and worthy of ranking.

Time for a NAP

No, it’s not time for sleep.

Instead, NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. These are the most relevant contact details for your business, so it’s essential that any site or board advertising your site has these listed correctly.

If Google associates your business with a variety of NAPs, it weakens your value. Keeping everything uniform and consistent helps to get you ranking.

Use Schema

There was a time when meta tags were essential to proper SEO. Flooding your meta tags with keywords was an easy way to game Google. They quickly became aware of this, making on-page content as being the most valuable source of information.

Since then, schema has become important as a way of telling Google what your data means.

It’s most commonly seen in a Google snippet editor. The Google snippet is the brief description of the site that appears on a SERP. It defaults to the first few lines of the page’s text, but can be made considerably more powerful if edited.

This allows you to ensure that the keyword appears while also providing a clear description of exactly what the page offers.

Local Link Building

Backlinks have been proven to be necessary to successful SEO. The more sites that link back to your site, the more an authority your site appears to Google.

By building relationships with local area business and services, you can create a network of mutual support, where you help each other demonstrate your bonafides, while also benefiting from establishing your locality.

The quality of links you get does matter, however, so be sure that you’re partnering with relevant sites. If Google thinks you’re trying to use links simply to boost your rankings, you can be punished, costing you your ability to rank.


Finally, one of the best local SEO tips we can offer is to get reviews. Any client that’s had a positive experience needs to be approached and asked for a review. The more satisfied your customer base is, the more of an authority your site seems.

Not only that, but studies demonstrate the influence of positive reviews on people searching for services.

Final Thoughts on Local SEO Tips

The common theme of these local SEO tips is that they are all a part of best practices. By using Google to verify the information of your business you are already building a case for your site’s legitimacy. Getting the support of local sites and clients to acknowledge you only helps solidify this position.

If you are curious as to what a local SEO strategy would look like for your business, or if you have any other questions, let us know. We’re always here to support you.

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