October 04 2021

4 Tips for Taking Advantage of Local Search


We understand how frustrating dealing with all the Google SEO madness can be.

The world of SEO is so big that getting lost in it sounds more than possible. Luckily, we can help you navigate through this confusing world.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the land of local search and how to make it work for you.

How Is Local Search Different from General Search?

Local SEO involves internet search aiming to find information based on a geographic area. For example, when people are looking for dentists in Des Moines or for a bar in Los Angeles, this is local search.

By default, Google loves offering local results. If you Google “ATM” the search engine will most likely show ATMs near you.

But how can you seize the opportunity of the rising popularity of local SEO? Keep reading to find out!

1. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is a really powerful tool when you want to rank high in local Google results. However, there are some tricks that will make you shine.

One of them is to look at your competition. Is your business category full of competitors that rank higher than you do?

Find out what they do and target the same category when listing your business. By duplicating their techniques, you’ll boost your performance and develop your own tactics.

If your competition remains one step ahead, maybe you’ve selected too many. Google may not be able to determine what your business is about and can’t decide what to deliver to searchers.

To fix this, delete the categories that don’t accurately describe your business. Monitor the results to see if further action is needed.

2. Include Your Physical Address on Your Website

Having a physical address on your website helps with your local search engine optimization.

But what happens when you have a shared or a virtual office and you have the same address as competing companies? Just change your business category.

One important note: A different suite number won’t change it. In fact, Google doesn’t take them into consideration at all.

3. Use Local Keywords

To rank high in Google search results, you need to target keywords. To rank high in local results, you need to target local keywords.

Generate content relevant to your business’ subject accompanied by the city where you operate. Try to include this series of keywords in H1 or H2 tags throughout your website. You should also make sure your images are optimized.

Another great tip is to include a Google map with your address on your landing page. Google will love you for doing so!

4. Connect with Your Customers

Creating relationships and engaging your customers is much easier when you connect with a local audience.

First, you can create content and posts applicable to your region. This will interest your readers because you’ll be talking about the place where they live.

Second, you can create a better link-building strategy. You can literally ring the bell next door and ask for some link-exchanging collaboration that will benefit both of you.

Third, your online campaigns will be much more effective since you’ll be targeting people in your geographic location.

All the above will create a special bond with your existing and new customers. They’ll feel like they’ve found a new neighbor.

When It’s Just Too Much

SEO is a struggle. Dealing with it while having to deliver the best product or service may feel like too much on your plate.

Luckily, we can help! We offer high-quality content that will help you generate organic traffic and amazing SEO results.

Contact us today and take your business to the next level online.

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