October 04 2021

4 SEO Tactics for Improving Your Organic Web Traffic

A good web traffic generator service improves your website SEO content. Discover the tactics you can use to boost your SEO and get more web visits.

There is a lot of static and noise in the world of SEO these days. Some of it can be a total waste of time, but some of it can be a real web traffic generator if used correctly.

You want to focus on trends, not fads. A trend is something that indicates a shift in the way people are doing things and becomes a tactic. Whereas a fad is just something that some people are doing right now. In four weeks, fads are long gone.

To help you get the very most from your website, here are 4 tactics that you can embrace right now.

Stop Putting off Your Blog

This is easily the most procrastinated SEO must. Blogging takes time, and most people don’t think they have that time to spare.

Blogging has never been more important. Google is wanting to see more organic traffic from quality content pieces. In fact, websites that have a blog have 434% more indexed pages.

If you don’t think you have time to blog, outsource it to a freelancer. This person should be able to interview you for an hour per month and have enough meat to put into three or four blog postings for you.

Be Mindful of Site speed

How quickly does your site load? This has a surprisingly huge bearing on your SEO value these days. Google has confirmed that site speed is an important factor in assessing your value.

And so is user experience. More than half of us won’t wait three seconds for a page to load, before moving on to another site.

If people are leaving you right away, that’s going to affect your bounce rate. And that is not good.

Use Spam-Free Links

If you have ever used a link farm or think you might have some “spammy” links to your site out there on the Internet, you need to take them down as soon as possible.

The Google Penguin update has cracked down on businesses trying to buy links back to their site on other on related websites.

What is a spammy link? Basically, it’s an exact match keyword, and exact match anchor text, on an unrelated site.

So if you sell appliances in Springfield, and there is a site out there with hyperlinked “best appliances Springfield,” and the site has nothing to do with home-improvement or appliances, that’s bad.

Know That Pay-Per-Click Doesn’t Help SEO

If you’re looking at pay-per-click ads as your web traffic generator, know that SEO and PPC are different things. Success with one doesn’t affect the other.

PPC is traffic you buy, by bidding on keywords. SEO is organic traffic you earn by optimizing keywords.

Treat them separately.

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