Best Restaurants in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Portsmouth, Hampshire brings in a lot of tourism during the warm months due to its coastal appeal and many enjoyable attractions. The tourism is great for the economy of a town, but can often can be bad for the quality of the restaurant selection. However, as well as a thriving business scene in Portsmouth, there are plenty of amazing dining options that easily outweigh the more touristy options, if one knows where to look for them. We have compiled a list of a few of the best restaurants in Portsmouth, Hampshire, to make finding a great place to eat while visiting Portsmouth a lot easier.

Southsea Beach Cafe

For dining with a view, Southsea Beach Cafe simply can’t be beat. Nestled directly on the water, Southsea Beach Cafe has been providing visitors and locals alike with high-quality, seasonal dining options since first opening their doors in 2014. Created with the vision of a more comfortable beachside spot, this restaurant is casual, yet modern and innovative. All the food at Southsea Beach Cafe is locally sourced and made from scratch, with the menu changing as different foods come in and out of season.


Another one of the best restaurants in Portsmouth, Hampshire is Montparnasse. A little on the finer dining side, this restaurant builds its menu in courses, and it is a great place to try some of the most unique recipes from all over Europe at a reasonable price. Montparnasse has been open since 1999, and with almost 30 years of restaurant experience their proprietor, John Saunders, has managed to build one of the most comfortable and exciting dining experiences in Portsmouth. All their ingredients are sourced locally, and the relationships they have with their suppliers are the type that can only be built over years of mutual trust and respect. Visitors to Montparnasse are consistently satisfied by their dining experience from beginning to end.

Spice Merchants

For a traditional Indian meal in Portsmouth, Spice Merchants is the best. Their extensive dining menu has options from all different regions of India, offering all the best flavours of the country. With exclusive dishes, such as Monkfish with Orange Sauce, that were developed specifically for Spice Merchants, as well as classic Indian dishes that are well-loved but perfected, there is something for everyone to try and enjoy. Their dedication to the tradition of crafting Indian cuisine is bar-none, and it really shows in the food served at their restaurant. Locals and visitors alike return to Spice Merchants time and time again, and regard it as one of the best restaurants in Portsmouth, Hampshire.


No matter how selective someone’s tastes might be, there is something delicious for them to enjoy in the town of Portsmouth, Hampshire. With a wide variety of different cuisines and price ranges, it is not difficult to find something great to eat in Portsmouth. But a great restaurant won’t show up on the radar without great SEO strategies to bring in new customers. At WebMotion Media, we aim to provide the best SEO solutions possible in order to help the restaurants in our community to attract new visitors and showcase all the excellent dining that Portsmouth has to offer.

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