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On occasions, new forms of advertising emerge that outperform all other types of advertising mediums. Often the businesses and organisations that take advantage of these emerging trends are the ones stand out from the crowd, and leave their competitors behind. Animated video production has happened, and it is affordable for all types of organisations.
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Use an animated explainer video

Animated videos for business have been emerging as the latest and most desirable form of marketing in 2014. People browsing the internet often are overwhelmed by the shear volume of information that is avaliable. Which is great, but if you are simply looking to find a service, or research a company, then if all websites have pages and pages of relevant content – how do you choose who to use? Well, imagine if you had found 3 businesses that offer the services you are looking for. All of them had websites that you could find on Google, but one had a engaging and imformative video on their homepage explaining exactly why they are the best fit for your business… which company would you choose?

Good explainer videos (and there are many bad examples out there) can prompt emotions and have the abilitiy to both engage and influence your viewers. This can help to tip the scales in your favour Vs your competitiors. You can take you time to explain in simple terms why you are the best in the industry, and communicate any offers or messages to potential clients.

Reasons to get an Animated Explainer Video For Your Business

At WebMotion, we provide people like you ways to make your business stand out from the competition. Rather than giving your clients long pages of text to read that will just bring them to zone out in no time at all, we create animated explainer videos for businesses like yours to help you get your message across effectively to your potential clients and customers in a way that will keep them engaged and entertained while informing them about your product or service.
Why should you have an animated explainer video for your business? The reasons are endless, but here are just a few of the most popular reasons that our customers opt for animated explainer videos on their website.
Prevents your website visitors from zoning out
When faced with a huge block of text, many readers immediately zone out and their eyes glaze over. It is difficult for them to focus on what you are trying to tell them and get to the bottom of the page. Animated explainer videos keep visitors to your website engaged in the message you are trying to share with them.
Fun and entertaining
The animation provided on animated explainer videos is a fun and entertaining way to deliver a message to visitors to your website. This is likely to keep them watching until the end, and the animation also provides a visual component to go along with the text or speech in the video that makes it a lot less boring to take in the information.
Makes your business stand out
Because animated explainer videos are such a unique and creative way of getting a message across, they are likely to help your business stand out from the competition in your niche. Having such a video on your website is likely to make you memorable, and provide your business and your website with an air of professionalism that might have otherwise not been there. Because it is still relatively uncommon to see animated explainer videos delivering customers with a message regarding what a business is all about, this will certainly give you an edge over the competition and keep you in the forefront of potential customers’ and clients’ minds.
Viewers are more likely to retain information
Because the message you are trying to deliver is paired with a unique and entertaining visual component, this makes viewers of the video more likely to retain the information you are giving them and more likely to remember the message you were trying to deliver. Additionally, it also makes your message easier to understand. Because the text or voiceover is paired with an animated visual, comprehension and retention is increased in viewers, so viewers, so you are more likely to gain a new customer or client.

Animated Explainer Videos from £395

We are a leading animation video agency, and we are here to help develop your online business into something you can be proud of. We are here to have a casual chat about how our animated videos could help promote your businesses to success.

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